The Saga of the 13 Innocents - the Memoirs of Bert Groves

The Saga of The 13 Innocents - the Memoirs of Bert Groves

About the Book

The book you are about to read is the true story of my father Bert Groves' experiences during World War 2, written by him and in his own words.

It highlights the loss of innocence of a generation, with young men being plucked away from their normal lives for, as in my father's case, six and a half years.

These were men who volunteered to drive their petrol tankers through the oncoming theatre of war, from France, across Europe through to North Africa and finishing in Berlin.

The memories are both humorous and sad, but incredibly detailed throughout.

He wrote these memoirs shortly before his own premature death at the age of 58 in 1976, following a different type of battle, this time against Cancer.

When reading this book, bear in mind that it was written in 1976 as a different a world compared to today as it was compared to 1945.

You may find some of his comments slightly less than what we accept now as politically correct, but this man gave six and a half years of his life for his country and defending its people against tyranny.

I certainly do not have the right to alter his words, but he had earned the right to speak them.

When I started to compile his account, I had no idea what a journey of discovery it would be for me, getting to know and admire a completely different person to the one I had loved as my Dad, and my mate.

Perhaps it's significant that I am now the same age as my Dad when he wrote these memoirs, this story, that I can now pass on to my daughter, her generation, and beyond.